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2020-2021 RMDK Finance Summary

The RMD Kiwanis showed a slight profit of $982 in 2020-21 compared to a budgeted loss of $8,550.

District dues of $102.9 thousand were -$2.9 thousand below budget as membership declined during the pandemic.  In addition, $18.5 thousand spending for a marketing plan that will carry over into 2021-22 put growth programs $9.0 thousand over budget.

However, spending for training, sponsored leadership programs, the international convention, and board expenses were a combined -$24.1 thousand below budget due to limited travel and in-person meetings during much of the year because of the on-going pandemic.

The mid-year conference was virtual with lower costs and so came in slightly under budget.  However, the district convention was in-person.  With lower attendance than usual because of a COVID 19 variant surge and a more distant location in western Nebraska, the convention lost $7.1 thousand compared to a budgeted loss of $2.0 thousand.

Therefore, the lower expenses for travel and meetings of $24.1 thousand more than offset the extra marketing spending and the district convention loss, resulting in the slight profit for the year.