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Hello, it’s me!
Governor Dawn Ignatius!
Grab a coffee- it’s gonna be a minute. 
 I want to send big, giant, huge heaps of gratitude and love to Governor Robin, her board, our district chairpersons, and all of our 2100+members for keeping the RMD Kiwanis movin’, doin’, servin’, smilin’, and remaining engaged and ready for the next service project!

What’s up next? The last few years, member recruitment has been a top priority for our members, our clubs, and the district. Membership growth is essential, and must continue to thrive, survive, and provide service in our communities. You know we gotta!

This year as your governor I want us to celebrate, honor, and acknowledge our Social Excellence* (the highest level of societal participation and contribution- see below) and our passion to serve. 
Here are my goals: 
1. Visit every division to acknowledge and celebrate all Kiwanis, the Kiwanis family, and the service they provide in the communities they serve. 
2. See a 5% increase in membership by October 2023.
3. Identify 4-6 new leaders within the district to train and prepare for leadership positions.
4. Develop 3 new satellite, traditional, group specific clubs and assist with strengthening clubs who need some help.
5. Increase partnership between Kiwanis clubs and our Service Leadership programs (which will be measured via Lt Governor monthly reports). 
6. Identify a Key Leader site in Wyoming.
7. Smile. Laugh. Have fun! Each and every day and month of this blessed year as governor of the great Rocky Mountain District! 

Here is my plan to communicate and celebrate you:
Super fun YouTube videos and Instagram posts that will be worth your 1.5 minutes to see. These will include: 
1. A short message about what is happening each month in Kiwanis world.
2. Visits with clubs and a look at service projects (I want to visit your club- call me!).
3. Hello SLP world (CKI, Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids, Aktion club)- this is our future, let’s get more involved with them! I’ll give you an update.
4. And introducing: the RMD Kiwanis Grandkid/Grand-dog of the month (send me your submissions ASAP to be considered in November!) This month’s winners are my grandsons, Mac and Ezra. Why? Just ‘cause!
In closing: I ask that you reach out. Call me, text me, email me! Tell me how we can celebrate you, your club, and your experiences with social excellence. It is going to be a great year! 
*Social Excellence [n]: A state of perpetual generosity, curiosity, positivity, and openness to limitless possibility. A desire to intentionally connect with others. The ability to engage in deep meaningful conversation. Acting in a manner with high expectations of others. Being authentic and living every day with integrity as the best version of oneself. Being confident and vulnerable Being fun and compassionate. Being open, kind, and bold. The highest level of societal participation and contribution.